Hack actor, ex-convict and ex-agent provocateur, Billy is hired by his mentor Peter Priest, a retired director of schlock, who had been advising Felix on the film industry in the weeks before his disappearance. Set in 2007, months before the financial crash, My First London Dream follows Billy Vehement’s search through the Brixton underworld where, aided by his old friend, Manny Solomon, he navigates a plot of coke dealers and pornographers, amateur actors and part-time DJs, where links to organised crime and Russian political killings come in unexpected places. Blending elements of Billy’s work as a jobbing actor, and his past dealings with Peter Priest’s black propaganda organisation, The North Soho News Agency, My First London Dream explores the performances at the heart of life in the twenty-first century city.

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Scenes From The Island

Released from a spell in prison, Mitchell drifts around the remains of his old life, struggling to adjust to his freedom. A phone call from his old friend Hopper leads to a job in Emperor Court, a luxury block of apartments by the sea. Soon, Mitchell finds himself caught up in the grandiose schemes of Hopper and his wife Elizabeth, and the lives of the those who have ended up in the Court: the residents Hannah, Dragan and Tudor, and the security worker Xiao Li. But it is the itinerant Axl whose sinister presence will cast a shadow over Mitchell’s stay, leaving it to end in violence and escape. Scenes from the Island is a novel of betrayal, murder, and the responsibility of our dreams.

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All The Dogs

Just out of rehab, Monkey rejects the dangerous allure of Herointown, his Shropshire birthplace, only to find himself working in a makeshift ecstasy factory in a rural squat. At the Mansion, in an idyllic landscape, he shuns the petty politics, manipulation and secrecy between his new housemates – Lucas, the Vegan, Taylor and disaffected earth-mother Charley.

‘All the Dogs is a stirring debut, a compellingly written tract on the importance of finding a place on the earth. Shot through with sadness, it is a plea against smallness: of thought, of ambition, of outlook, of soul. A new and welcome talent is here’ – Niall Griffiths

‘Bennett’s debut will resonate with anyone tired of the hypocrisy surrounding our nation’s chemical hobbies. With flashes of poetic description and unflinching explorations of modern relationships, Bennett leavens his dark tale with unexpected tenderness and moments of deadpan humour’ – Joolz Denby

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