London Grip Review: West South North, North South East

It's nice to end the year with something positive, and this very kind review of West South North, North South East by Mat Riches on London Grip is certainly that. It's probably the most perceptive review of this little book to date, and certainly the most involved. 'The title of this collection suggests a journey … Continue reading London Grip Review: West South North, North South East

On ‘Heredity/ASTYNOME’ by Naush Sabah

It's been a busy December, what with work, Christmas, and the ravages of the virus. I almost forgot that my review of Naush Sabah's ‘Heredity/ASTYNOME’ appeared on Wild Court a couple of weeks ago. 'If poetry ever had ‘must have’ purchases, then Naush Sabah’s debut release from Broken Sleep Books proved to be one of … Continue reading On ‘Heredity/ASTYNOME’ by Naush Sabah

All The Filthy Magic

Nichola Deane has written a nice little review of my poetry collection West South North, North South East, an excerpt of which follows below. 'In West South North North South East (The High Window, 2018), Daniel Bennett's city, his London, always feels as though seen on foot, a fraction or slower than its frantic inhabitants, like playing … Continue reading All The Filthy Magic

Belladonna by Suna Afshan

My review of Sun Afshan's debut pamphlet, Belladonna, is now live on Wild Court. 'A single poem in four parts, ‘Belladonna’ deals with the intensity of a female relationship on the cusp of adulthood, where innocence is quickly frayed and the (blood) rites of passage beckon towards experience. ‘Remember Belladonna’s saunter? Her sway/ Warped our … Continue reading Belladonna by Suna Afshan