Here's a link to a recent poem published on Caught By The River, a little celebration of roadside verges and all they've meant to me over the years. 'Here I learned to thrivefull as cow parsley, ripeas roadkill bursting sweetlyin teeming hedgerows. These were the places I first alighted into the world,on trips to the crossroadsand beyond, the … Continue reading Verges

Map of a Plantation

My review of Jenny Mitchell's recent collection Map of a Plantation has now been published on Wild Court. The title of Jenny Mitchell’s follow-up collection to 2019’s Her Lost Language begins with a gesture to objectivity. Map of a Plantation (Indigo Dreams, 2021) – we’re offered a sense of distance, a dispassionate realm of depiction, the chart not the … Continue reading Map of a Plantation

The Political Economy of Tango in the Twenty-First Century by Richard Schwarz

My review of The Political Economy of Tango in the Twenty-First Century appeared in issue 64 of The Journal. Where to start with this collection by Richard Schwarz? Begin with the beginning, then, or at least the title, which is very good in this case. The Political Economy of Tango in the Twenty-First Century: it's both fun and recondite, … Continue reading The Political Economy of Tango in the Twenty-First Century by Richard Schwarz

Bad Idea by Robert Sheppard

My review of Bad Idea appeared in issue 64 of The Journal.When reviewing poetry, you can be forgiven for looking for the open goal, the snagging hook. And so, somewhere in the multiverse, I'm opening my review of Bad Idea with the lines 'What could be worse than a long drawn out process like Brexit? A sonnet … Continue reading Bad Idea by Robert Sheppard

SF Crowsnest Review

Very pleased (not to mention grateful) for the following review of my little science fiction book, Requiem For An Astronaut. 'I liked everything about this [book]. Bart is a perfect narrator with a calm, observant, slightly jaded point of view that doesn’t lapse into cheap cynicism. His style is relaxed and his musings reveal much … Continue reading SF Crowsnest Review