Wild Court

I've had three poems published on one of my favourite poetry sites, Wild Court. Here's an excerpt from one of them, 'The Epicureans'. 'Maybe because they livedon two-year work visas,sou-cheffing through Sohoor mixing their Last Wordsfor city boys in high-rise bars,comfortable in the starchof their denim aprons,as they navigated the balanceof maraschino and bitters,quoting Saki … Continue reading Wild Court

The Law of the Maze

‘The description of the law of the maze (which, it was asserted, he had known but also had not known) was simple enough now. It could be a description only if his own emotions concerning the maze; its forced ambiguities had bored him. Its specious and arbitrary manner and its generally meretricious effect had given … Continue reading The Law of the Maze

Poetry Clubs

'They walked together for maybe a quarter kilometre. The bright LED signs beckoned. Brothels and shooting galleries, coffee bars and poetry clubs, casinos and show fights. The air smelled like piss and old food... They walked past a noodle bar. A coffin hotel. A public terminal, its display running a free newsfeed: COMMUNICATIONS PROBLEMS PLAGUE … Continue reading Poetry Clubs