What The World Wants To Tell You

‘You are weaving through your life when a plane falls from the sky. You could not have prepared for this moment, but you approach it as you would any other: you walk slowly through it, trying hard to listen to what the world wants to tell you.’

‘Crash’, Amanda Davis

Of course, Amanda Davis wrote a story about an aeroplane crash. She was that kind of writer. In 2003, out on a book tour for her first novel, she died along with both parents, when the light aircraft being piloted by her father crashed into a mountain. Some writers listen too closely, and pick up on the secret the world has waiting for them.

Here’s William S. Burroughs, in his essay on Hemingway: ‘…Anybody can write ‘And then he shot himself’ and then shoot himself, if he is prepared to do this. I’m talking about someone who writes ‘And then he was shot’ and is himself shot by someone else. That’s the trick’

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