Interzone 288

Very pleased to have a new story ‘Captured Dreams of the Dead Machine’ in the September issue of Interzone. The story follows a dealer in bootleg information and his encounters in the badlands outside his home city.

‘Traffic around the freeport snarled up his journey, but Ash cut down by the skud site near the river, flying low over the greyish water. As he past the outer marker for the south of the city, the waypoint pinged on the control system. He’d already primed the computer with departure codes. Each week, he mailed out an ad-meme with responses directed to an anonymous account. ‘Old Hardware and Systems Wanted. Make $$$ Easily. No Questions Asked.’ Museum business allowed him to make regular trips out of the city limits, and it was easy enough to manipulate the logs to hide any of his activities. Old filetypes and systems were subject to intense quarantine, their primal code potentially catastrophic to mainframes and implants, but Ash had grown practised in the art of concealment, his terminal protected by an agile firewall.’ 

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