Poetry Birmingham Review

I have three poems in the new edition of Poetry Birmingham Review, including the sequence ‘Creek Diary’.

Excerpt from ‘Creek Diary’

The soft blur of codeine
leaks into morning light.
A cloud unpinned, a drifting barge.
A herring gull preening on a mast.


I took myself off
across marshland 
and coast paths, 
lost along the littoral 


Slate grey and iron rust 
seamed through black stone. 
The fronds of rotten seaweed. 
I would code the tone of this green.


Refuse in the undergrowth. A sleeping bag.
Skunk grass on the breeze,
a cache of stolen tools.
Grass fleas ticking like the frantic hours.


A slow worm fragmented 
inside a plastic Wendy house.
How to reconcile the smiles 
of the antique family?

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