All The Filthy Magic

Nichola Deane has written a nice little review of my poetry collection West South North, North South East, an excerpt of which follows below.

‘In West South North North South East (The High Window, 2018), Daniel Bennett’s city, his London, always feels as though seen on foot, a fraction or slower than its frantic inhabitants, like playing an audio book at 0.95 speed. It’s as though he always ‘walks softly there,’ as Roethke might say. 

The tone in these tender and highly absorbing poems is of seeing with a profound toughness and gentleness. Seeing just about everything, the past overlaid in the present. Leicester Square, Camden, Bermondsey, Spitalfields are namechecked and we walk through him, but every place achieves its texture and suchness… All the filthy magic of the capital.’

Read the full review here.

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