Interzone Digital

My year so far has been caught up with sleep deprivation and illness, an inevitable Covid infection turning the last weeks into a zombie state of dead time, old cartoons and black-and-white films on Youtube. I can’t believe half of 2022 has slipped away from me. The early months of the year had also seen me enter one of those odd, fallow periods in terms of writing. Projects either stalled or were rejected; poems hit my doorstep like dead birds. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you need to hunker down through these times, and keep working. I’ve started a new novel, picking up the story from the end of Requiem For An Astronaut, and although progress has been slow, it’s gradually taking shape. Anyway, my faith (if that’s what you call it) has been rewarded by the new editor at Interzone Digital, who picked up an old story of mine and quickly asked for more. And more. And more. Further details will follow, but happy to be included in this taster video, and really looking forward to being part of the future of the best SF magazine around.

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