Louisiana Loses Its Cricket Hum

'We who were not there cannot possibly understand how they came like flies: swarming up all of a sudden and buzzing over the horizon, thickening the sky with their heavy shadows. We were playing poker at Jimmy's-beer sweating, fans going round and round, the sound of pool clicking the moments by. Everyone admits it: we … Continue reading Louisiana Loses Its Cricket Hum

Make-Believe Streets

‘It is exceedingly thoughtless to send a young boy out on an urgent and important errand into a night like that, because in its semi-obscurity the streets multiply, becoming confusing and interchanged. There open up, deep inside a city, reflected streets, streets which are double, make-believe streets. One's imagination, bewitched and misled, creates illusory maps … Continue reading Make-Believe Streets

Allergy Sufferers

'I find this division into three groups of people-- allergy sufferers, skiers, and drivers-- very convincing. It is a good, straightforward typology. Skiers are hedonists. They are carried down the slopes. Whereas drivers prefer to take their fate into their hands, although their spines often suffer as a result; we all know life is hard. … Continue reading Allergy Sufferers