In Full View Of Its Master

'The paper's suggested lottery numbers were three, seven, and twelve. Tanks and air power had been deployed against six thousand rebellious Bolivian peasants. An Eskimo had been shot and killed while trying to divert a Boeing 747 to North Korea. A Breton trawler had gone missing with its eleven-man crew. A woman had celebrated her … Continue reading In Full View Of Its Master

My First London Dream My crime novel, My First London Dream, is now available on Kindle. Hack actor, ex-convict and ex-agent provocateur, Billy is hired by his mentor Peter Priest, a retired director of schlock, who had been advising Felix on the film industry in the weeks before his disappearance. Set in 2007, months before the financial crash, … Continue reading My First London Dream

The Pack

‘“That’s the way human nature is. The majority think only of themselves and invariably follow the strongest in the pack. There are some stray dogs like me and you who can allow themselves the luxury of laughing at this spectacle.” “We always come back to dogs,” Soneri said...’ The Lizard Strategy, Valerie Varesi

Barry Gifford

"I ain't never heard so much concentrated weirdness in my life..." The return of Twin Peaks prompted a lot of excitement amongst some of my friends. One sent me a Spotify playlist dedicated to the music of David Lynch’s films, while I was persuaded by another to join him watching the original series and film, … Continue reading Barry Gifford

The Snowman by Jorg Fauser

'Right now, I'd say information is big business.' In the early 1990s, a friend of mine started receiving packages addressed to an 'H. Warner' to his shared house in Acton. You know what it's like with a previous tenants' mail. You let it build up and up, until one day curiosity gets the better of … Continue reading The Snowman by Jorg Fauser