Cappuccino Leather

The black car squatted on Stockwell Road. Billy Vehement clocked it on his way back from Brixton tube station. The regular gang stood outside the Portuguese delicatessen across the road from his flat, swapping jokes over bottles of Super Bock. Traffic tore up the tarmac; a rogue gull dawdled over the skating park. Billy could only … Continue reading Cappuccino Leather

My First London Dream My crime novel, My First London Dream, is now available on Kindle. Hack actor, ex-convict and ex-agent provocateur, Billy is hired by his mentor Peter Priest, a retired director of schlock, who had been advising Felix on the film industry in the weeks before his disappearance. Set in 2007, months before the financial crash, … Continue reading My First London Dream

‘A Suitable Culture’

'Lee Harwood, the noted Anglo-American poet, has begun to publish compositions written in a language of his own invention. Linguists who have examined these 'neologisms' substantiate Harwood's claim that his language is not, in essence, derived from any other language, oral or written. Harwood is attempting to establish a utopian community on the outskirts of … Continue reading ‘A Suitable Culture’

A Legend of The Future

'"... The first imperial Dream Palace is being built: Who can pay for a century of living, beautiful dreams? The answer is obvious, Thondup. And the choice of dream is understandable too, from their point of view. Thanks to it, there is no danger of any frustration, of experiencing the failures threatening them in this … Continue reading A Legend of The Future

Music From The Island

Scenes From The Island features an electronic musician, Tudor, who moves into the apartment building at the centre of the novel's action, and becomes integral to the tragic direction of the story. As I'm a dangerous loner with too much time on my hands (aren't we all these days?) I've put together a playlist of … Continue reading Music From The Island